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RP Cypher ClubEdit

Cypher Club is the hub of the student clubs with the Interest groups forming the spokes of the wheel of student life activities in the School of Infocomm (SOI). As the hub, Cypher Club provides the platform for all the students in SOI to participate in all year round activities and events such as the SOI Freshmen Camp, leadership camps, SLA Fiesta, SOI Fiesta, service learning trips as well as enrolled in the NYAA. With such a wealth of activities and events, every SOI student can expect to have an enriching student life as well as develop character and leadership skills in leading and managing people and events.

IT Security IG

The goal of the IT Security IG is to create awareness within the RP community to security issues related to the pervasive presence of IT in our everyday lives. The potential for deliberate harm or accidental damage is ever present and it is especially true that knowledge is the best asset for tackling the complex and multifaceted issues present in the world of IT Security. The IG aims to become domain and content experts in this area, and to share this knowledge with the community. 

Networking IGEdit

The objective of the Networking IG is to allow students to gain some knowledge in networking and security.

-Able to implement and solve network problems in either a home or enterprise environment.

-Able to increase the security level from the network perspective. In the area of network security, students will learn about port scanning, packet sniffing and hacking Wi-Fi.

-Students will learn about peer to peer, server client and larger network scenario in the area of routing and switching.

There will be competitions for students to have fun, sharing and learning from each other.

The IG will be sending stdents on a work attachment to NUH and also the City Harvest Church to work with orphans

Open Source IGEdit

The Open Source IG at RP composed of students mainly from SOI who share a common enthusiasm for free, open source software. Our focus is on building a strong community of open source users and developers in order to bring the benefits of open development, open standards, and free software to the polytechnic community. Poor leadership, useless people.

Mobile DevicesEdit

The Mobile Devices IG is the gathering of enthusiasts on mobile technologies. It serves as a platorm to get together and share various news and know-how on the latest hype on the mobile area.The Mobile Devices IG organizes an annual trip to the Samsung manufacturing factory in Korea. Also, the IG will be sending some of the members to China to work in a mobile phone manufacturing plant and research facility for 6 months.

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